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Boggi Milano


Unstoppable growth

Over the course of more than seventy years of history, Boggi Milano - leading brand in Italian menswear - has led a journey of growth that has brought it, today, to be able to rely on a network of over 120 points of sale across Italy and abroad. This number will be growing rapidly. Recent openings in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Russia represent three new and very important markets for the company's foreign development.

The recipe for success is simple: careful business retail through the acquisition of premises in important cities and locations, a good eye for the design of points of sale, travel retail, with the opening of new stores inside big railway stations and airports, designed to fulfil the needs of globetrotting men, and online sales.

From 1939 to today, Boggi Milano has never stopped evolving, with its eyes firmly on the future without ever losing sight of the reference customer: an elegant, dynamic and discreet man, of his time, offering him a collection of garments unique in quality and style, at a really accessible price.
Over the course of the last seasons, the company has also undertaken an evolutionary and modernisation process also on a stylistic level. Today, Boggi Milano does not target only businessmen, professionals or lawyers, but it's trying to conquer all kinds of men. That is why it has chosen to offer its clients not just the classic formal look of suit and tie (which is always a store bestseller), but also a range of products with a casual touch, which allow people wearing them to feel at ease in the city during work or on holiday with the family. This new project has led to the birth, in 2010, of the new collection BM 39, Boggi Milano's informal side.




From 1939, Boggi's history is studded with success. Today, the Boggi Milano brand is a point of reference for generations of men with a classically elegant look that is not rigidly formal.


The first single-brand store opened in Milan in 1964. In a few years, a modern retail chain was born, where customers could select classic and also informal styles. In the eighties and nineties, the company grew in Italy and abroad, and further outlined the brand image.


The range on offer increased, and collections were renewed in the context of tradition. Alongside professionals who wear a suit and tie every day, a new, younger consumer is emerging, attracted by formal details.
The stylistic research is refined, new installations for stores are designed and another great Boggi plus is pushed forward: actual product quality in a perfect value for money ratio.


2003 is the turning point.


The new management sets itself the target of becoming the top Italian single-brand menswear chain, and to have a strong presence abroad.
The drive towards this internationalisation includes, for the next five years, opening new flagship stores in the main European capitals, new points of sales in the major airports and boosting the brand's presence in Switzerland and UK.
At the same time, the Far East is the springboard for India, while other stores are planned for the Middle East.
Today you can find BOGGI MILANO signage in the following countries: Italy, UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Iran, India, South Korea (coming soon) and Hong Kong.


A commercial expansion that coincides with a new search for products that offer EASY-FORMAL elegance.