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Braccialini is a SME in the leather goods sector and is part of the Florence leather production district. It currently has a presence in 30 countries, via single-brand or franchise stores. 


Founded in 1954 by Carla Braccialini, it started out as an artisanal bag maker; when her husband passed away, Carla Braccialini took over the company. 


In 1980 her children Riccardo and Massimo entered the company, and the following years saw the expansion and collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, Fiorucci, Rocco Barocco and Bagutta. In 1993 the first Braccialini single-brand store opened in Florence. In 1997 a new license agreement was reached with Mila Schöon.


In 2000 Braccialini became part of the Mariella Burani Fashion Group, and this opened a season of significant changes; indeed, in 2001 single-brand stores were opened in Milan and Tokyo, and in 2002 in Treviso and Riccione; in Hong Kong a joint venture was agreed to boost its presence in the Far East, ending with the opening of the first Chinese boutique in Shanghai. Until 2007 the company continued to expand and open stores in Dubai and Russia, and it acquired the company DadoRosa S.r.l., worldwide licensee of Gherardini, historical accessory maison, founded in Florence in 1885.

In 2009 the new Braccialini headquarters were opened, in Scandicci, measuring 15,000 square metres.



On September 15th 2009 Braccialini opened its second boutique in the heart of Rome's shopping district, in the Galleria Alberto Sordi: 90 square metres over two floors. The Braccialini style is unmistakeable for its uniqueness, playfulness, humour and good taste. The collections pivot on these values, expressed, translated and interpreted through its bags and accessories, without fear of dreaming, playing, daring, always shirking triviality. This way, Braccialini proposes itself as a point of reference in the luxury goods market, expressing and confirming its long-standing values every day.