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Marina Militare


It all started in 1917, when an Italian entrepreneur managed to get a deal with the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy to produce merchandising branded with the Navy’s emblems, clothing names and coats of arms. The deal was an exclusive and unique one, and so are the men and women who choose this look.

Marina Militare offers top of the range women’s and men’s sportswear, the result of designers’ passion inspired by our Armed Forces but also by the sea, which has made our country’s history.

Marina Militare branded clothing gathers some very high values in its quality threads: courage, passion, honour, tradition, spirit of self-sacrifice, the sense of belonging to a great navy family, but above all a deep love of country. Therefore, the range on offer is a mix of tradition and innovation, in order to help men and women who like comfortable clothing but who do not want to relinquish style and grace find the perfect look.

Soft lines, traditional three-colour tailoring, ancient beauty of timeless sailors – Marina Militare is this and much more. Dive into the depths of the most authentic clothing.