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GALLERIA ALBERTO SORDI events Presentation of the book "Il Palazzo del Tritone a Roma"

Presentation of the book "Il Palazzo del Tritone a Roma"
The Galleria Colonna brings Christmas forward with the gala dinner that welcomed amongst its guests Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri, archaeologist and writer Valerio Massimo Manfredi, actors such as Remo Girone, Franco Nero, Sebastiano Somma, Massimo Wertmuller, Massimo Ghini and Elena Sofia Ricci. Sorgente Group, the Galleria's owner, with its CEO Professor Valter Minetti, last night - 13th December - gathered one hundred and fifty VIPs from the worlds of politics, culture and high society.
The occasion was the presentation of two books linked by a common journey through history, myth and art: "Il mio nome è Nessuno" by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Mondadori, and "Il Palazzo del Tritone a Roma", published by the Sorgente Group with De Luca Editori D'Arte. This last book's authors include Claudio Strinati, Scientific Director of Fondazione Sorgente Group, and Professors Fabio Benzi and Francesco Leone of the University of Chieti-Pescara. To celebrate the double preview, the famous shopping arcade in Rome was transformed into an elegant and exclusive reception hall, dominated by blue decorations perfectly in sync with the Christmas decorations in this prestigious location, which were unveiled on the same night.
The dinner guests, including Home Office Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri, were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected carpet of blue lights that, during Christmas, decorates the vault of the Galleria and highlights the Art Nouveau drapes. The floor erupted into applause; it was full of well-known faces, including actors Remo Girone, Franco Nero and Elena Sofia Ricci, the Acea Chairman Giancarlo Cremonesi, Ambassadors Umberto Vattani and his wife Isabella Vattani, Princesses Martine Orsini and Elettra Marconi, Maestro Stefano Mainetti, Prince Carlo Giovannelli, antique dealer Alessandra Di Castro, the Chairman of the Compagnia per la Musica Ludovica Rossi Purini with her husband Giancarlo Rossi, designer Renato Balestra, Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta, the Director of Galleria Borghese Anna Coliva, Valeria Licastro, Camilla Morabito, Mario and Marisa Stirpe, Flaminia Patrizi Montoro.