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GALLERIA ALBERTO SORDI exhibitions Photographic exhibition on Athena Nike and Greek marbles at the Galleria Colonna

from 18/05/2013 to 02/08/2013
Photographic exhibition on Athena Nike and Greek marbles at the Galleria Colonna
The Galleria Alberto Sordi, owned by Sorgente Group, from May 18th 2013 plays host to a photography exhibition presenting the museum installation project of the Athena Nike statue, which can be viewed in the Tritone Exhibition Space, a few metres from Rome's famous shopping arcade in Piazza Colonna. The photos show the statue, which dates back to 430 B.C., that Fondazione Sorgente Group is exhibiting from February 6th to August 3rd, together with some examples of ancient Greek marbles in the Via del Tritone 132 venue. The photography exhibition shows the same works displayed in the Tritone Exhibition Space, shot by shot: an extraordinary sequence of Greek marbles that visitors will then be able to see "live", a few metres away. This is a preview that exploits the Piazza Colonna Galleria layout and that intrigues the audience, enticing them to find out more.
To make the Athena Nike statue more accessible to the public, the work has been placed at the centre of a multi-media reconstruction, whose 3-D footage reconstructs the goddess' original look and projects it on the backdrop of Ancient Greece at the time of the Parthenon. Born from an idea of Paola Mainetti, the Vice President of Fondazione Sorgente Group, the installation at the Tritone Exhibition Space uses the reconstructive and iconographic theories by Prof. Eugenio La Rocca, and virtual reconstruction work by Paco Lanciano, with his Mizar team. The Galleria Alberto Sordi exhibition therefore documents parts of the extraordinary archaeological collection of Fondazione Sorgente Group.