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GALLERIA ALBERTO SORDI events Dante Ferretti's tree at the Galleria Alberto Sordi

from 11/11/2009 to 11/12/2011
Dante Ferretti's tree at the Galleria Alberto Sordi
Christmas has broken out at the Galleria Alberto Sordi.
Surrounded by a festive backdrop, Marina Ripa di Meana, the nonconformist style icon, TV personality and writer, unwrapped the "gift box" containing the giant Christmas present designed by Dante Ferretti for Sorgente Group, owners of the Galleria. This is a magnificent Christmas installation that the owners of the Galleria Alberto Sordi offer to the visitors to our site, the Rome’s famous shopping arcade.
Marina was welcomed by Paola Mainetti, her husband Valter Mainetti, CEO of Sorgente Group and Ilaria Fasano, the Group's Head of Communications.
The Galleria Alberto Sordi is owned by the Sorgente Group via the Donatello fund, subscribed by Enasarco.
After the success of Cinematology, the evening concert by the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema, we now have this precious gift designed by Dante Ferretti. Thanks to these events, the Galleria is fast becoming known as a meeting place for interesting cultural initiatives. The Oscar-winning Italian set designer has inserted into the giant bauble a constantly snowy Christmas tree, which by itself has created a mini-show for our visitors.
Professor Mainetti, speaking to TMNews, explained the spirit behind the event: "The Galleria belongs to all Romans, and therefore, with this work by Dante Ferretti, we want to wish everybody, and especially children, a Merry Christmas, together with Marina Ripa di Meana, our patroness for the evening".
"I thought about children and their ability for daydreaming" - explains Ferretti, remembering the Christmas bauble his parents gave him when he was 12 years old. "This is not the bauble turning in a child's hands - he adds - rather a system of fans that move the air, creating a snow vortex".
With Christmas one month away, Galleria Alberto Sordi is bringing Christmas even closer. The bauble is 4.5 metres tall, including the base. The bauble has a pedestal with a diameter of 2 metres, clad in wood and plywood, with fans circulating the snow within. The bauble itself has an external metalwork structure and a clear LEXAN layer which is 3mm thick. This polycarbonate is used for clear protective surfaces and ensures the bauble is safe against vandalism, cannot be scratched or shattered, all to the advantage of security.
Author: TMNews